Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I've had a few collections before, but never one like this...I LOVE COASTERS! My collection is still in progress but there's just something about them that i really enjoy! I guess just knowing you could find so many like pretty much anywhere. I will post a few pictures of mine soon. But here are a few i saw online XD

Pacman Coasters. Too cute too miss out on!

My heart just melted for these Polaroid Coasters =)

AHH! My gosh these are just darling!

Floppy disks?! No way!

They're mini records ;D

iPhone App Coasters. They are the bomb dot com dude! My brother would totally get something like this....(iPhone geek!)

I would kill for these, they're perfection, love 'em!

Friday, August 5, 2011


Heck yeah!
Cannot wait to go watch it later! 
Who else is going to see this awesome movie?

I couldn't think of a title. Ha!

(This picture was taken about 3 months ago :D I kinda miss my bangs....kinda.)

Friday has been pretty fair to me today. Clowning on the job, went to the bizzank with my younger brother, Kevin, then realized he's a better driver than I am. Hmmm...also we stopped by Taco Bell, got some killer Tacos (not better than the original Mexican ones...not even close, but still delicious.) 

I don't know where that double chin came from BUT, i'm totally blaming it on "the angle" of the camera.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Blue Dress: Thrifted

Having a little chat with my family, Aurelio, and /or friends is always pretty nice. What is something that eases you?


My brother helping me out with an order of Angry Bird cupcakes. He is sooo talented. Thanks Broski.

My friend wanted to surprise his girlfriend with these cupcakes for her birthday, isn't that cute?! We also made half a dozen of Hello Kitty cupcakes.