Sunday, April 29, 2012

Onion Creek.

These past two weekends, we went to a bar/resaurant called Onion Creek. Let me tell you, it was awesome...their food is great! Hence, going two weeks in a row =) heheh. If any of you are in the Houston area you should stop on by, you won't regret it. I had the "Freak Dog" meal, with baked potatoe salad, yuuuuuuum-o!  Check out more pics below.

"Should i finish it or not?!"


 The infamous "Freak Dog", consists of fresh hot dog weanie, hot dog bun, loaded with FRITO PIE!!! YES! Frito pie..freakin' delish!

 Pensive, much? =)

 My darling and I.

This sign rocks! XD

This man was just OUT OF IT. He was asleep!! & all i wanted was a little smooch, haha!
 My friend Jeanette and I.

Happy Sunday, ya'll!

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